I live for design, love sunshine, will eat anything deep-fried, watch way too many cat videos, occasionally chase haboobs, and reside in gorgeous Phoenix, Arizona.

Desert Schools

Debit Card Redesign
Debit Cards

Desert Schools Debit Card Redesign

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union is the largest Arizona based credit union, serving over 300,000 members. A common request of the members was to have an update to the old debit card design. In 2012, Desert Schools took it a step further, and I was tasked with designing a complete overhaul of all their plastic cards. The redesign included a new signature Larry Fitzgerald debit card, and a revised look for the Phoenix Coyotes card. In 2013 the cards launched, and so far have been a huge hit - especially the vertical designs.

  • Client: Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
  • Role: Design
  • Year: 2013

Phoenix Federal

Credit Union Branding
Phoenix Federal

Phoenix Federal Credit Union

Most credit Unions are notorious for having terrible branding, so I wondered what one could look like if there were no limitations. Phoenix Federal Credit Union is a small passion project was brought to life for that very reason. Once the identity was created, I decided this ficticious credit union would be a good test subject for future experiments with UI design and outlandish campaigns that could potentially be used for real-life situations. It's a continuously growing piece, so be sure to check back every so often.

  • Client: Passion Project
  • Role: Branding, Design
  • Year: 2013

The Carolinas

Tourism Campaign

The Carolinas

North and South Carolina are incredible states with so much to offer. This campaign was an effort to bring both states together under one, unified tourism promotion in order to be more cost-effective, and shed new light on vacationing in the Carolinas.

  • Client: Class Project
  • Role: Branding, Design
  • Year: 2010


Personal Blog

jdotreach - Design Blog

The jdotreach brand used to be my own personal identity back in school. Eventually, it became the name for everything I used and was a overgrowing mess. In 2013, I decided to tame the beast and make jdotreach into my own personal blog. It's a place for design talk and creative inspiration, along with anything else I feel like talking about. Topics range from architecture to LOL cats, but one thing's for sure; it's filled with topics I'm passionate about.

  • Client: Personal Project
  • Role: Branding
  • Year: 2013

Walton, New York

Walton New York

Walton, NY Identity

Walton is a tiny town located at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in New York. Having lived there for many years, knowing the town had no real branding in its history, I decided to create a clean visual identity and see what it would look like implimented throughout the town. This ongoing passion project is purely ficticious, but will continue to expand as I unofficially brand the town with signage, tourism promotions and interactive experiences.

  • Client: Passion Project
  • Role: Branding, Identity
  • Year: In Progress

Membership Brochure

Phoenix Federal Credit Union

Interactive Membership Brochure

The brochure isn't dead yet. This is an interactive brochure for new and prospective credit union members. The map-fold piece tells about the credit union, and lists all the products and services offered. Part of the experience is an interactive, augmented reality video ran through the banking app when users scan certain panels of the brochure.

  • Client: Passion Project
  • Role: Design + Concept
  • Year: 2013

Hey there.

How’s it going? I’m Joshua Reach. I’m a Phoenix-based graphic designer who is insanely passionate about communicating visually. I have 6 years of design schooling, and over 4 years of professional experience. Most of my design experience has been inhouse, including at one of the largest credit unions in the country.

Design philosophy.

This is probably the part where I should talk to you about my process and strategy of creating epic designs. That could get pretty lengthy though, so I’ll let you in on a little secret: I always start with a sketchbook and a pen (pencils are for people who can't commit). It’s amazing what you can come up with, even if your drawings look like a three year old did.

Inhouse is awesome.

Designing inhouse for a company’s internal marketing department has kind of become something I’ve fallen in love with. Not to say that I wouldn’t mind a taste of the agency lifestyle, but it’s no secret in the design community that inhouse designers are on the rise. Plus, there’s some pretty awesome perks to working inside the belly of the beast.

  • Ultimate Knowledge - You really get to know your “client” when you work inhouse. The company you work for becomes a part of you. I love the fact that I can continue to learn more and more about products and services an organization offers, then use that to think of more creative and clever ideas to communicate them.
  • Budget Friendly - As an inhouse designer, you become familiar with the budgets you get to work with. It makes the thought of cost-effectiveness almost second nature as you already know or can predict what your team can spend on something.
  • Extreme Challenges - At first, you think you have all sorts of new and fresh ideas, then the second year on the job rolls around...and then the third...and so-on. You’re now going to go through the creative gauntlet. When working inhouse, you have to be extra creative and motivated in order to create the best possible solutions for your organization, year after year. It’s amazing.

Let's connect.

Though I’m not for hire right now, I still like to connect with people in the creative community. And, like a good child of the 21st century - I primarily connect via social media. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for a whole lot of randomness, and follow me on Instagram to see a whole lot of Arizona and pictures of food.

Blogging time.

I wouldn't be a modern-day designer without some sort of attempt to blog - so here is jdotreach. It's a blog of creative inspiration and design talk (at least that's what I try to do with it). In all honesty, I talk about anything that insterests me. Enjoy!